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Tub Talks With Damon Episode Guide: Season One

Tub Talks With Damon debuted on September 13, 2021, as way of engaging serious conversations in a silly situation.  70 baths later, we are posting this episode guide to celebrate the people who have shared their insights, experiences, life lessons, and lots of lots of information about sexual health!  Join us for another dip (click on the title to go directly to the episode):  

  1. Matt Cameron on Therapeutic Sex Work and Loving Aging Bodies  

  2. Joe Mode on Anal Cancer and Early Detection

  3. Derrick Sabater on Razzle Dazzle and Navigating Sex 

  4. David Toussaint on Daddy Sex In the 50s

  5. Charles Sanchez on Celebrating U=U and Positive Living

  6. Anu on Body Image, Sexual Self-esteem, Bear Appreciation

  7. John Bonelli on Gay Aging, HIV History, Pleasure Painting

  8. Coleman Goode on Recovery, Resilience, and Government Sanctioned Depression

  9. Fausto Fernós on Cancel Culture, Chronic Pain, and Creating Feast Of Fun

  10. Kareem McJagger on Life As An Outsider and Celebrating NYC Nightlife 


    Fausto Fernos and Damon
    Fausto Fernós and Damon

  11. Neil The Erotic Therapist on Sexual Health and Aging Disgracefully 

  12. LeNair Xavier on Racism in Porn and Sex Education

  13. Daniel Nardicio on Creating Underwear Parties and Being A Bad Influencer

  14. Tony Enos on Producing Independent Queer Music and Celebrating U=U

  15. Antuan Raimone on "Becoming Magic", Surviving Assault, joining "Hamilton"

  16. Dr. Tony Ortega On Body Hair in Media and Healthy Dating

  17. Krishna Stone on Surviving Grief During the AIDS Crisis and Single Parenting

  18. Adam Singer of "Adam's Nest" On Starting A New Business In His 50s

  19. Scott Kramer, LCSW, on Meth, COVID, and Cultural Competency

  20. Tym Moss On Surviving AIDS Losses and Addiction with Love and Laughter


    Daniel Nardicio and Damon

  21. Phill Wilson On Creating Black AIDS Institute and Staying In the Fight

  22. Daniel Moberg on Sex, Disability, and Dating DC Gays

  23. Kenneth Pettigrew On The Plan To End The HIV Epidemic by 2030

  24. Matthew Crehan Higgins on PrEP, STIs, and HIV Serosorting

  25. Martez Smith on The Power of Ball Culture and Living Through Grief and Loss

  26. Kerry Morris on Bodybuilding Competitions and WWE Fandom

  27. Steve Raimo [Veronika Electronika] on Drag as Healing

  28. Dorian-Gray Alexander on Surviving Quadruple Bypass and Aging with HIV

  29. Jim Koury on Escorting and Sexual Empowerment in his 60s

  30. Tim Hoeffgen on Loving The Berlin Patient and Living With Loss


    Phill Wilson and Damon

  31. Gary Paul Wright on Creating The House of Latex and Finding Love

  32. Mika De Roo on The Power of Storytelling In Building Resilience

  33. Diva Jackie Dupree Is Singing Through Hard Times

  34. Victoria Noe on How Fag Hags, Divas, and Moms Changed The AIDS Epidemic

  35. Roger Newcomb On Soap Opera's Past and Future

  36. Jeanathan Lei on Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations and Race Relations

  37. Michael Chancley Teaches PrEP Facts and Sexual Health

  38. Patrick McNaughton on Sobriety, Kink, and Dandy Queer Art

  39. Courtney Joseph on Taxes and Financial Health

  40. Murray Penner Explains U=U, Sexual Healing, and Joyful Aging


    Patrick McNaughton and Damon

  41. David Tuller on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  42. Title Holder CB Kirby on Leather, Competitions, and Crystal Meth Recovery  

  43. Maxwell Rosenberg, LCSW, on Myths and Facts of Gay Gaming

  44. Fabio Tavares on Sobriety, Sexuality, and Surviving Loss

  45. Ed Swaya on Sex, Death, Tantra, and Erotic Freedom

  46. Benjamin Heim Shepard is Queer In The Streets, Straight In The Sheets

  47. Marc Felion on "Feast Of Fun" and "Let's Grow Big Together"

  48. Paul Seligmann Jordan on PrEP, Surviving AIDS, and Getting Kidnapped

  49. Mario Forte on PEP as the The Rodney Dangerfield Of HIV Prevention

  50. Ed García Conde on Gentrification and Colonialism in The Bronx 


    Fabio Tavares and Damon

  51. Phil Joffe on Providing PrEP Access and Pleasure Through Dynamix Pharmacy

  52. Dana Diamond on Healing, Vaping, Harm Reduction, and Thriving With HIV

  53. Jed Ryan on "Modest Male Exposure," Healthy Aging, and Nursing

  54. Wayne Hoffman on Bears, Bodies, Gay Aging, and Church Ladies For Choice

  55. Greg Millett Shares Myths and Facts About Black Men and HIV

  56. Matt Cameron on Sex Work and Pleasure Based Education

  57. Damon L. Jacobs on Should-less Celebration and Joyful Aging

  58. Deshaun Armbrister on Pole Dancing, Sex Work, and Navigating Racism

  59. Alex Borsa on PrEP Research, Pleasure Studies, and Thickfluencers

  60. Luis Ramos on Reach LA's Success, Community Leadership, and STI Shaming


    Greg Millett and Damon

  61. LeNair Xavier on Underwear Parties, Non-Consensual Touch, & Erotic Requests

  62. Adam Sank on Creating Comedy And Raw Humor

  63. Adam Zeboski on Creating the #TruvadaWhore Movement and Fighting Stigma

  64. Ace Robinson on Health Equity, Implicit Bias, and Police Brutality
  65. Mark S. King Takes on Sex Work, Meth Recovery, Monkeypox, Aging w/HIV & More
  66. Liz Highleyman On Being A Street Medic, Monkeypox, and Covering a Revolution
  67. Stephane Ku "The Alcoholic Doctor" on Chemsex and Harm-Reduction
  68. Charlie Tredway on "Hard-To-Reach Populations" and Sexual Exploitation
  69. Alexander Cheves's Love Is A Beast and Other Animal Confessions
  70. Randy Davis on Becoming The Accidental Activist and Overcoming Depression                              
Alexander Cheves and Damon

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Damon L. Jacobs is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist helping individuals and couples enjoy life with peace, purpose, and pleasure. His series "Tub Talks With Damon" facilitates naked conversations about surviving trauma and gay men thriving while aging. His books "Absolutely Should-less" and "Rational Relating" help people experience connection with joy, serenity, and meaning. His work has been featured on CNN Health, The New York Times, MSNBC, USA Today and more. He can be reached at or 347-227-7707

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